Why You Should Always Just Say Yes to Water On an Airplane

Why You Should Always Just Say Yes to Water On an Airplane

Dehydration leaves you tired, anxious and queasy. The best thing you can do for yourself on an airplane is drink all the water. Every time you are offered a beverage, just say yes to good old H2O. I do, and I arrive at my destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy myself.

The other beverages offered by most airlines aren't even worth it, unless you are in First Class, which I am not. The coffee on airplanes is notoriously bad. (And I'm not all that picky. As much as I love a perfectly prepared decanter of pour-over organic brew from my favorite local shop, I am more than capable of enjoying a cup of plain old joe from the drive-through at Dunkin' Donuts.) If you must have something warm, bring your own herbal tea bags and ask for a cup of hot water. 

Sodas do nothing but dehydrate and alcohol is worse. If I must have an adult beverage on a plane — like when they offer a free one to everyone because the flight was delayed, because I simply cannot turn down a free drink — I make sure to drink at least eight extra ounces of water to compensate. Some people claim that one drink in the air equals two on land. While this may not be technically true and may be due to the lower level of oxygen in the air, it feels that way for me. And who wants to start a vacation drunk? (You do? Well, okay. But you are missing the great pleasure of the first official vacation drink. Besides, you'll be tired and cranky in baggage claim.)

And what about those carb-heavy, salty snacks? I avoid them if I can, but never refuse them. I toss them in my bag, ready for a whiny child in baggage claim or a little pick me up on the way from the airport to our final destination.

Drink all the water, even if you don't want the water. If you must order a different beverage, ask for water with it, and drink them both. Bonus: All that water keeps me so hydrated I'm forced to stretch my legs by walking back and forth to the bathroom. (Yes, I always reserve an aisle seat.) Bonus #2: I'm clumsy. On a recent flight, I spilled water on my seatmate. She was a lot less upset about water than she might have been about a Bloody Mary.

How do you handle air travel? Have you found any tricks to arriving refreshed and ready to hit the ground running?

(Images: Anne Postic)

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