Why Getting Ready to Make Breakfast Is Harder Than Actually Making Breakfast

published Mar 6, 2014
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In between blog posts and coworker chats this morning, I slipped away for a half hour to go to the grocery store. I needed just a few items for my new-and-improved breakfast tomorrow morning (I’m making this sandwich), and wanted to beat the after-work rush. Today’s Cooking Cure task is now mostly done, but I’ve found the hardest part is yet to come…

I know there are many, many of you who clean your kitchens every night so that you always wake up to a clean space. (Go you!) I am, quite unfortunately, not like that. I try, I do it for awhile, but then… fail.

The worst part about this? Nothing kills my motivation to cook more than walking into a messy kitchen. This is partly why my breakfasts (and truth be told, some lunches and dinners) have gotten so quick and boring lately, or been handed over to the food delivery gods.

As strange as it may sound, I think all good food in my house starts not with the right ingredients, but with a clean kitchen. When I’m on a cleaning roll — and I do seem to go in bursts! — good habits follow: I plan out our meals, I cook regularly, my husband and I eat better. I enjoy being in the kitchen and thus I spend more time there. And, all these good feelings motivate me to keep the kitchen clean!

But… when the kitchen is left messy for a day (or two, or three!) I feel like hiding in the living room with a bowl of takeout Pad Thai. Yes, sad but true.

So, back to tomorrow’s breakfast. Stocking my kitchen for this meal wasn’t hard. I only needed to pick up two things to have everything for Anjali’s breakfast sandwich. The bigger goal for me tonight is to give my kitchen a good clean so I can start Friday morning off right.

The whole point of the Cooking Cure is to help us discover what hinders us from cooking every day. Maybe it’s a lack of inspiration, or poor planning. For me, I now truly understand that the state of my kitchen has more effect on whether I cook or not than almost anything else!

What about you? Have you discovered anything revelatory about your cooking habits this week?