Why Does My Cast Iron Cookware Still Seem Dirty After Cleaning?

published Apr 15, 2014
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Q: I’ve worked and worked with oven cleaner, metal brushes, steel wool, straight razor scrapers, and the like. i have 5 cast iron skillets and a Dutch oven with zero “removable” cooking debris, and I still get a dirty towel when I wipe them down to start the seasoning process. The patina is a dull dark grey for the most part…lovely to look at, but still dirty. What’s going on?

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Editor: It sounds to me like you might be cleaning a bit to rigorously and are removing the baked-on seasoning. If you’re scraping down old cast iron to re-season from scratch, then it sounds like you’ve done enough and are ready to start re-seasoning. Take a look at these tutorials to see if they help:

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