Why Did These Grapes Sell for $8200?

(Image credit: WSJ)

Have you ever heard of Ruby Roman grapes? You might remember that last year a bunch sold in Japan for ¥550,000, or about $4,500.

Those were the world’s most expensive grapes — until last week.

A new bunch of the specially bred grapes went up on auction this year, and fetched a whopping $8,200, or more than ¥1 million.

So what makes these ginormous grapes so special? It’s a variety that was developed to have low acidity and maximum sweetness. They were first created 14 years ago, but have only been on sale for the past seven years.

The first batch in Japan goes up for auction each year, and sells for a record price, as the first of the crop is supposed to bring good luck. So these will be the most expensive grapes until next summer rolls around.

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