Why Did My Sandwich Bread Fall Apart?

published May 3, 2012
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Q: I’ve recently started dabbling in bread making and froze some leftover loaves of white bread. When I cut a slice from a thawed loaf this morning, I couldn’t get a decent slice. It crumbled apart! Any idea what I did wrong?

When I baked the loaves originally, I opened a new jar of yeast and warmed my flour like my grandma recommended, and my bread doubled like crazy. I baked the loafs and they formed beautiful mushroom tops. My other loafs didn’t rise as much (older yeast maybe? cold flour?) and were more dense, and much easier to slice.

Sent by Leslie

Editor: Hmm…that’s puzzling. Usually bread freezes (and thaws!) really beautifully. If your other loaves were fine, I’m not sure why freezing this one would change its texture.

Usually, bread crumbles in the middle either because the gluten wasn’t developed enough (ie, the dough needed more kneading), or because the shaped loaves underproofed and the quick poofing rise in the oven weakens the gluten strands in the middle of the loaf. Take a look at these bread making links:

Readers, do you have any insight into Leslie’s problem?