Chefs Bored with Normal Food, Turning It to Ash Instead

(Image credit: weerayut ranmai)shutterstock

It’s one thing to get a nice sear on a steak or to broil a chile or pepper if you’re going to remove the charred skin, but many chefs are now embracing charring food to the point that they actually serve ash!

Interesting, yes, but tasty? Hmm.

This cooking trend of burning seems concentrated in high-end restaurants, but even food magazines like Bon Appétit are now telling their readers to burn their food. Charred food can add simple smoky flavors or even more complex tastes depending on what was charred.

Still, it takes some skill to both burn and dry at the same time to maintain some of the food’s flavors instead of straight-up charring the life out of the food. Would you be willing to eat something deliberately burned?

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