The Surprising Reason Every Breakfast-Lover Needs This $13 Whoopie Pie Pan

published Sep 11, 2020
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holding a whoopie pie pan in the kitchen
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Who here likes a good breakfast sandwich? I know I sure do! I’m constantly making these freezer-friendly breakfast sandwiches either for my own freezer or to gift to a friend who just had a baby (food that can be heated and eaten one-handed is the best possible thing you can give to new parents, I find). If I’m not making these exact sandwiches, it’s usually some iteration — maybe I’ll add peppers, change up the cheese, or swap the bacon for sausage — but they’re always egg-based and they’re always round.

My old way of making eggs for breakfast sandwiches.

I used to think I was so smart to bake the eggs in a sheet pan, so that all I had to do was stamp out circles to fit on my English muffins. It makes for quick egg work and perfectly round egg “patties.” There are always scraps, though, like when you’re rolling out and cutting cookie dough. Every time, I’d promise myself that I’d use them up in a stir-fry. And every time, I’d find myself carefully stacking the warmed-up wonky-shaped pieces on an English muffin in a last-ditch effort to use them up before they turn. See, I’d never actually put the scraps in a stir-fry. And I hate wasting food, so I’d pile the scraps up, awkwardly, and eat a sad breakfast sandwich … only made sadder by the fact that I knew I had perfect sandwiches in the freezer.

Credit: Sarah Crowley
My new way of making eggs for breakfast sandwiches, thanks to one smart reader!

But then! A reader commented on this post and I had one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-sooner moments.

“I purchased two whoopie pie pans and they work great for eggs. I just scramble the eggs and pour them into the cavity. Bake them for about 10 to 15 minutes and then pop them out. They freeze well and fit the sandwich perfectly. I can also make whoopee pies.
Plus you can use the pan for making English muffins, burger buns, etc. — not just eggs and whoopie pies.”

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Brilliant, right? You can keep pouring, batch after batch, and make as many egg rounds as you need. No scraps! No wasted egg! And the baked eggs can go in the freezer in a sandwich or in stand-by mode, so you can even assemble a sandwich fresh in the morning, if you want.

Do you have any other super-smart breakfast hacks? Tell us about them in the comments below.