A New Whole Foods Lawsuit Claims Antibiotic-Free Beef Sold at Stores Is Exactly the Opposite

published Aug 26, 2022
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In many ways, marketing and advertising have much in common with dating someone new. On the surface, everything seems perfect. They say and do all the right things to get you to give them a try, but eventually, you start to notice things that make you question if who they said they were, is really who they are.

Well, three Whole Foods customers and the non-profit organization Farm Forward allege that this was the case with the beef they purchased from the store. According to the plaintiffs, the meat is marketed as having “no antibiotics, ever,” but independent testing of the meat determined … that may be untrue

Back in April, Farm Forward reported finding traces of monensin in the beef being sold at the grocery giant, and as monensin is banned by multiple organizations — including the USDA Organic program — this was cause for concern. As a result, Farm Forward joined the consumer class action lawsuit this week that included their April findings.

The consequences of misleading marketing can be severe if the company is found guilty as the lawsuit claims that consumers saw severe financial impact since the advertised beef was priced higher at the chain than at other stores due to their purported higher quality. To rectify this error, the plaintiffs want Whole Foods to make a statement addressing the possibly incorrect information they’ve been promulgating and, more importantly, to compensate them for their overpayments resulting from Whole Foods’ alleged mistake. 

It’s important to note there is an interesting connection between Farm Forward and Whole Foods. The CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, was a board member of Farm Forward for 11 years. Farm Forward also resigned from the board of the Global Animal Partnership after their concerns about Whole Food were ignored. 

Whole Foods has yet to respond to Farm Forward’s allegations.