Whole Foods to Try Being Friendly to Lobsters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

According to an article in Saturday’s New York Times (In Test Program, Whole Foods Becomes a Lobster’s New Best Friend), the Whole Foods grocery chain is beginning a program that will make a lobster’s “trip from sea to sale more humane.” If, at the end of the trial run, Whole Foods’ decides that the lobsters’ quality of life is not improved, they will stop selling the crustaceans all together.

Critics of the plan, mainly from the seafood industry, claim it is just a poor excuse for bad sales.

It is true that most people like to order their lobster from a restaurant, rather than try to cook it for themselves at home. That said, when and if I do cook a lobster, I would definitely buy it from a fishmonger, rather than a grocery chain.