Who Needs a Tray? Use a Baking Dish to Keep Items Organized on the Counter

(Image credit: Ore Studios for Rue Magazine)

How do you keep things organized on your countertop? You can always use a tray to keep everything neat and tidy, but here’s another idea: try a colorful baking dish!

I see a few advantages to using a baking dish as a place to store your oils, spices, and other near-the-stove essentials, namely that the higher sides are better for keeping items upright and containing spills. Plus, if you have a pretty colored baking dish, why hide it in your cupboard?

On the other hand, if that dish is in high rotation in your kitchen, it might get a little tiresome having to unload it every time you want to bake with it.

What do you think? Clever double duty or not?

(Image: Ore Studios for Rue Magazine)