Who Made That? A Look at How Brunch, Salad Spinners, PB&J & More Came To Be

published Jun 25, 2013
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(Image credit: Williams-Sonoma)

Ever wondered how the things we take for granted actually came to be? Take the salad spinner, for example, or the word “brunch.” And who came up with peanut butter and jelly in the first place? The New York Times magazine answered a few of those questions in their Innovations Issue a few weeks back. (You may also be surprised to learn that low-carb dieting was a thing way back in 1825!)

In early June the paper released its Innovations issue with a whole section devoted to exploring “the genius of everything from BuzzFeed and the Brannock Device to gay marriage and low-carb diets.” Among the 48 things that made the list are a few food and cooking related items, like the salad spinner, the low-carb diet, diet soda, Cuisinart, and PB&J.

See the full list → Who Made That? at The New York Times

I have to admit: I love my salad spinner and, now that I know whom to thank, am ever so thankful to Jean Mantelet of the French kitchenware company Moulinex for patenting that design back in 1973! 

(Image: OXO via Williams-Sonoma)