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Dr. Who Food! Fish Fingers With Custard

published Sep 14, 2012
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We don’t feature much “nerd food” around these parts, but recently I ran across two separate recipes for the much loved fish sticks and custard. One is made of actual fish and the other is a slightly sweeter version. Although you won’t need a sonic screwdriver, there’s probably a whisk involved. So come check out these takes on a Dr. Who inspired classic.

The idea of fish sticks with custard isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser, but those looking to throw a Dr. Who get together to celebrate the beginning of the new season might be tempted. Heck, maybe there’s no get together, you just feel like getting your kitchen nerd on. If that’s the case, you’ll be in good company as these two recipes hail from some big names.

The first is from Alton Brown who has made fish sticks by hand. By hand people, fish sticks by hand! To accompany them he has made a lovely tartar sauce which he’s affectionately calling Tardis Sauce. He claims it to be a meal fit for a doctor and we highly agree.

Get the recipe: A Meal Fit for a Doctor from Alton Brown

For those looking for more of a sweet treat, Darla over at Bakingdom has put together a cookie and actual custard rendition of this now classic snack pairing. Her cookies are made from graham crackers and even though they look like a fish stick from the freezer aisle at your local grocer, they’re anything but.

Get the recipe: Fish Fingers and Custard at Bakingdom

Have you seen any nerd food lately that is just too great not to share? Leave us a link in the comments below, just please no Wookie Cookies!

(Image: Bakingdom)