We’re Calling It: White Claw Slushies Are Going to Be Huge This Summer

updated Apr 23, 2020
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A variety of White Claw Hard Seltzers
Credit: Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

If the last decade has shown us anything, it’s that there’s an unwritten rule that every popular alcoholic drink is destined to be slushie-ified. Aperol spritz? Oh there’s a slushy version (the “Frozerol”). Remember when all anyone could do is talk about rosé? That’s what led us to frosé. And now — NOW! — the trend is coming for White Claw. Let’s just say virtual happy hours are going to get a little more exciting in the next couple weeks.

White Claw slushies started taking over TikTok a couple weeks ago after Julia Abner posted a humorous recipe video where she showed how to “enhance” your White Claw. The video garnered over 1.5 million views and 336,000 likes, and now countless other people are hopping on board and making their own.

How To Make a White Claw Slushie

The first step in making your own Claw slushie is maybe the hardest part: You have to choose your flavor. There’s just too many options here: Do you go with a classic like Ruby Grapefruit or Black Cherry? Or do you switch it up and try one of their new flavors, like Tangerine? I’ll let you make that hard decision for yourself, but I’m personally going with Raspberry.

Other ingredients you’ll need: Some frozen berries and obviously more alcohol. Vodka is probably the best thing to use here, but you do you. We’re in a pandemic, so all the rules are off. Some people are adding ginger ale or club soda to this drink, too. Because why not?

The directions on how to make the drink are pretty loose: Just throw some ice in a blender along with an entire White Claw, then add a handful of frozen berries and copious amounts of liquor. And there you go! The easiest, booziest slushie that’ll trick you into thinking you’re hanging outside by a pool rather than at home on the couch.  

The next big question, of course, is what we’re going to name the White Claw slushie. My vote is for Clawshie, but I’m open to other ideas.