Which Stand Mixer Should I Register For?

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Q: My parents generously want to give us a stand mixer as wedding gift and I’m having trouble choosing between KitchenAid and Ankarsrum.

I currently bake many light cakes, cookies, and some breads since I only have a hand mixer now. That composition might change later. Which mixer will last a long time and can do both light batters and heavy breads? Any advice?

Sent by Sheila

Editor: One of the best ways to assess the need for any tool is to be honest about what you plan on doing with it. Both a KitchenAid and Ankarsrum mixer are big investments, with the Ankarsrum being even more so of one given its hefty price tag. But it has its merits. You can make dough for multiple loaves of bread, multiple dozens of muffins and cupcakes, and multiple dozens of cookies at once. Volume and a durability is kind of its thing. In terms of size, the pro series of KitchenAid mixers is comparable in terms of function, but those mixers are known to burn out and need repair every few years or so.

Don’t forget aesthetics, either! Stand mixers are made to be seen — and KitchenAid mixers have been iconic in the U.S. for years. Is that important to you?

Now back to function. Both tools go beyond mixing, thanks to the number of attachments that can turn them into juicers, meat grinders, spiralizers, and blenders. Either way you’re choosing a tool that you’ll hopefully have for the long haul. Take a look at our review of the Ankarsrum and the number of posts we have on the KitchenAid mixer (don’t forget to read the comments!) as you continue to weigh your options — and keep referring to the basic question at hand (what are you honestly going to use this for?) as you make your pro-con list.

Kitchn readers, what advice do you have for Sheila on which to go with?

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