The Best Way to Store Cilantro

updated May 2, 2019
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I’m always excited when I purchase cilantro. In my neighborhood you can get four bunches for a dollar, and even if I don’t need all four bunches I still bring them home. I figure I’ll find a way to use all of them up, but inevitably there’s one sad bunch all soggy and brown in the back of the fridge a week later. But not anymore!

Curious about which methods kept cilantro fresh longer, Jodi Torpey of the blog Vegetable Gardener tested a few out. She tried three methods: 1) cilantro in a jar on the counter with water, 2) cilantro in a jar in the refrigerator with a bag over the leaves, and 3) cilantro with the stems trimmed in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Do you know which method worked the best?

The jar in the refrigerator with a bag over the leaves! Just make sure you keep it chilled, watered and covered! Read the full study to check out more details.

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