Which Martha Stewart Era Are You?

(Image credit: Martha Stewart)

Martha Stewart has lived many lives in her short time here on earth. She’s been a model, a caterer, an inmate, a magazine editor, a TV show personality, and a billionaire. Sometimes a couple of these things at the same time. Her life can be broken out into five distinct eras, something I think we can all learn from and identify with.

Want to know which era of Martha Stewart you are right now? Take this old-school quiz and find out.

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1. Choose a favorite spot in your home.

a) Living room
b) Kitchen
c) Bathroom
d) Dining room
e) Bedroom

2. Choose a favorite color.

a) Pink
b) Red
c) Black
d) Gold
e) Green

3. Choose a favorite vacation spot.

a) Cancun
b) Does home count as a vacation spot?
c) Los Angeles
d) Paris
e) Tokyo

4. Choose a favorite animal.

a) Cow
b) Dog
c) Snake
d) Horse
e) Cat

5. Choose a favorite kitchen tool.

a) Wooden spoon
b) Dutch oven
c) Slow cooker
d) Sous vide machine
e) Cast iron skillet

6. Choose a favorite baked good.

a) Cookie
b) Cake
c) Pie
d) Croissant
e) Brownie

7. Choose a favorite popular musician.

a) One Direction
b) Drake
c) Adele
d) Beyonce
e) Snoop Dogg

8. Choose a favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

a) Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
b) Stuffing
c) Cranberry sauce
d) Mashed potatoes
e) Brussels sprouts

9. Choose your favorite month from this list.

a) December
b) October
c) February
d) April
e) July

10. Choose a favorite social media platform

a) Facebook
b) Pinterest
c) Twitter
d) Instagram
e) Snapchat

Tally up your answers and see which letter you chose more often. Got it? Now find out which Martha Stewart era you are.