Which Glass Goes with Which Drink? The ‘Guide to Glassware’ Poster

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve ever felt befuddled at the variety of glassware available, or wondered about the proper vessel in which to serve a Weizen wheat beer, or a bit of sherry, then you’ll enjoy this Glassware poster from The Boys Club 101 Mixology series. It’s a quick visual guide to the major types of glasses and the drinks they’re typically used for — in poster form!

Designed by Russell van Kraayenburg for The Boys Club (Saveur’s 2013 pick for “Best Cocktail Blog”), the Glassware poster is an attempt to demystify the world of glassware for new drinkers — or rather, drinkers who’ve left college and are looking for something a little more sophisticated than a red plastic cup! 

That’s the cheeky spin Russell takes in his post explaining the basics of glassware, but even if you’re well beyond that point (or were never there in the first place!) the poster is still a sweet, stylish guide for anyone needing a little refresher on the whats and whys of glassware.

Buy It → Glassware Poster, $18 – $24 from The Sweet Tooth.co

(Image: designed by Russell van Kraayenburg for The Boys Club)