Cringeworthy: Which Food Buzzwords Should Get Nixed?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The food world is rife with culinary catch phrases and overused foodie buzzwords these days, isn’t it? Which one…or more!…terms do you think should get put to rest this year? Maybe it’s even the term “foodie” itself that gets your feathers ruffled!

Personally we’re tired of hearing the term “tablescape.” Maybe it’s the Sandra Lee associations, but we cringe every time we hear it. We have nothing against table decorations, but why not just call them table decorations?

Another one we’d add in there is “healthful.” Again, no real reason for this other than, why? Why not just say “healthy”? Is simply calling something “healthy” a bad thing now?!

Then there’s “foodporn,” “delish,” and the ever-persistent “yum-o,” as well…

There’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason why some of these words make us shudder, but shudder we do! What food terms get under your skin?

(Image: Wordle)