Which Food Magazines Are You Signing Up For?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re (still!) incredibly sad that we won’t be seeing Gourmet in our mailboxes next year, and we’ve been hard pressed to decide which new magazine will fill the gap. Actually, this shake-up has made us take a fresh look at all of our subscriptions. Which magazines will you be getting next year?

It’s far too easy to get carried away with magazine subscriptions – especially with all the great deals going on this time of year. But we know that if we sign up for too many, we’ll never have time to read all of them.

Next year, we’re trying to be choosy and pick a balance of magazines that will inspire us, teach us, and feed our curiosity. We’re also trying to support a few of our favorite mainstream magazines (because who knows what financial shape they’re really in) as well as a few good quality smaller-press magazines.

Here’s what we’ll be looking forward to every month:
1. Saveur – We’ve always loved this magazine for its great writing. Saveur always surprises us with the breadth of what they cover and we make discoveries about new ingredients and cuisines in every issue. (Subscribe here)

2. Fine Cooking – This will be a new subscription for us, and we’re looking forward to getting a good dose of practical kitchen knowledge every month. Their recipes always sound tasty and very do-able back in our home kitchen. (Subscribe here)

3. The Art of Eating – This small magazine from Ed Behr in Vermont has become our arm-chair travel guide. Every issue takes us somewhere new and introduces us to artisan producers all over the world. The articles are well-researched, incredibly detailed, and highly satisfying to food nerds like us! (Subscribe here)

4. Remedy Quarterly – The first issue of this zine-like magazine is due out in another month or two, but the sneak previews on the magazine website were enough to get us to take a year’s subscription. We’re really looking forward to this homey, craft-oriented magazine from a new generation of food lovers. We think their kick-start subscription drive just closed, but they will soon be accepting subscriptions through their website: Remedy Quarterly.

Which magazines are you thinking of taking next year?