Survey: Side-by-Side or Top-Bottom Fridge and Freezer?

Survey: Side-by-Side or Top-Bottom Fridge and Freezer?

Both styles are pretty common in rental apartments as well as freshly renovated kitchens. Which do you prefer? We can debate the pros and cons below.

For some reason, we always start thinking about our fridge/freezer configuration as Fall and the holidays approach. We consider all of the soups, batches of cookies, and pies and how much room we have for everything.

Neither design is perfect. With a side-by-side model, you have a narrower space, and certain dishes never fit. The pro? Compartments on the door.

With a top-bottom model, food can get stacked in the freezer, but it also gets smushed, and occasionally things get lost in the very back.

We have a freezer-on-bottom model, and we like it. The fact that we have to bend down to open the freezer isn't so bad, and we can clearly see everything that's inside; food rarely gets forgotten. In the fridge, everything is waist-high or above, easy to reach.

Of course, there are those of you who may have full sizes of both—and to you, we say, "Enjoy, lucky ducks."

What do you have? What would you get if you could choose?

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