Comfort Level: Do You Like Precision or Wiggle Room?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do lists of weights and precise instructions make you breathe a sigh of relief? Or is it phrases like “approximate,” “roughly,” and “more or less” that draw you to a recipe? These are both very different approaches to cooking – neither is right or wrong, or even better or worse! We’re curious where you feel most comfortable?

For the most part, I prefer a little wiggle room in my recipes. I like judging things for myself and having the freedom to change things if I want to. When I try making recipes that require measuring down to the teaspoon or strict adherence to techniques, I start to feel all antsy and fussy!

But I also fully admit that sometimes straying from the path can lead to unexpected places! Most recipes I make are fine if I add too many onions or add the eggs before the butter is fully creamed. But there are occasional less-than-tasty results. When I’m throwing a dinner party, I definitely tend to stick to the recipe more than I might otherwise!

What kind of a cook are you?