13 Editor-Loved Places to Shop for Kitchen Organizers

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Kitchen with wood cabinets, black tile and countertops, green accents

When you find a store that always seems to have exactly what you need, even if you didn’t really know what you needed when you walked in, you want to hold onto that store forever. These are the kinds of places that introduce you to tools and gadgets that not only solve household problems but also improve your home life. We know what it’s like because we have some of our own favorites, too.

We cherish these stores so much because they consistently have the best kitchen organizers around, and if you’ve ever done your own research into kitchen organizers, you know it’s not easy to find ones that are reliable, don’t cost too much, and look nice enough that you actually want to use them. Below, we rounded up 13 of our favorite places to shop for kitchenware; they come through for us time and time again, so we want to make sure they’re on your radar, too. And after you see our top kitchen organizing picks, check out the rest of their catalogs — you’ll be delighted with what you discover.

1. OXO

We love OXO for things such as their time-saving, 2-in-1 gadgets and super-reliable, airtight food storage containers. They’ve been a trusted source of kitchen tools and organizers for years, and this simple yet brilliant beverage storage mat is a great example of OXO’s ingenuity. It’s made of silicone and lays flat on your refrigerator shelves to hold canned or bottle drinks (including bottles of wine). It takes up zero space when it’s not in use and is easy to clean should anything ever spill on it.

Whenever you want a sleek, stylish, and budget-friendly kitchen organizer — or really any kitchen tool — you’ll find what you need at Joseph Joseph. They always surprise us with gadgets that offer clever solutions to age-old household problems, and this hanging storage rack is an especially smart idea. It clips onto shelves without the need to drill any holes and is the perfect spot to hold rolls of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Best of all, it has a slim design so you can use it inside a cabinet and it will still let the doors close.

It’s been called “the everything store,” and that certainly includes storage units, cooking tools, and organizers for the kitchen. The sellers that regularly release new products on Amazon have some of the coolest ideas, and this three-level shelf system has become popular for its ability to hold a wide variety of spices, bottles, and small appliances, as well as conform to both corner-shaped and flat countertops.

Yamazaki Home consistently impresses us with their ability to make extremely useful organizers also look extremely stylish. Most of their products are at mid-range price points and they’re worth every penny because of their high-quality construction and premium materials. This metal and plastic pantry organizer gives you two spots to keep ingredients you use most regularly and a mini shelf for your salt, pepper, and cooking oils.

Their name says it all: this is the place for bins, baskets, organizers, and, of course, containers. The Container Store is a great place to visit when you’re upgrading an entire storage area in your home and want it to look neat and uniform, and they also have single-piece organizers that work great on their own. This spice rack expands from 14 inches to 27 inches wide so you can adjust it as your spice collection changes over time.

6. QVC

If you’re looking for a wide array of kitchen organizers from brands you know and love as well as from up-and-comers that might not be on your radar just yet, QVC is the best place to go. Whether you’re looking for food storage, a chic way to organize your pantry (like these turntables!), or even cabinet storage, you’ll find what you need. The best part? QVC is always running sales, so scoring these must-have items at a good price is a given.

West Elm is often our luxury pick for high-end furniture and furnishings, although they often have budget-friendly items that are just as great as the higher-priced things. This lid organizer is the perfect way to corral all your food container lids into one, neat spot, and because it expands you won’t worry about running out of room as you acquire more containers. It also has internal dividers that you can move around to create mini sections for storing lids from the same sets.

In terms of variety and affordability, Walmart is similar to Amazon. Although Walmart sometimes outperforms the online-first retailers by having unexpectedly clever items, such as this magnetic organizer that turns the top of your stove into a shelf. This tool also makes sure you’ll never drop food or ingredients behind your stove, which makes it a real game-changer in our books.

When you’re looking for gift ideas for home cooks, Food52 is a good place to start. They have a stunning collection of stylish and well-made kitchen tools and accessories, and that includes pieces such as this organizer made by Yamazaki Home. It’s entirely metal and fits on your countertop or behind your sink to give you extra shelf space where you need it most. It’s also expandable, so it’s great for both small and large kitchens.

Williams Sonoma is the place to go when you want to invest in your kitchen gear and get things that you know you’ll use for years to come. Their mix of gadgets, appliances, and organizers is practically unbeatable, and this handsome wood and glass spice rack shows why that’s the case. The platform is made of durable ash wood and all the reusable containers have airtight lids to keep your spices fresher for longer. This is the kind of kitchen find that is as functional as it is fashionable.

While Wayfair may have become a go-to destination for affordable home furniture, their kitchen organizers are certainly worth checking out. This set of reusable food containers is perfectly sized to hold leftovers and can be used to make breakfast dishes such as overnight oats. Plus, they stack together to save space in your cabinets and have brightly colored lids that will stay looking great after many trips through the microwave and dishwasher.

We appreciate that Macy’s has generous sales going on just about every week, so we recommend checking their kitchen sale section regularly to find great deals on all kinds of essential equipment. This two-piece drawer organizer set brings some much-needed order to all your pots, pans, and lids, and we like that you can adjust it to create the setup that best fits your cookware collection.

13. Etsy

If you don’t think of Etsy as a place to look for kitchen organizers, we don’t blame you. But now is your chance to discover all the nifty gadgets and one-of-a-kind tools that you’ll only find on Etsy. This stand mixer paddle holder is a brilliant solve for those attachments that come with your stand mixer and don’t have a place to go in your kitchen (especially because of their bulky and awkward sizes). Our favorite detail about these mounts is that you can choose between drill and self-adhesive options so you don’t have to worry about damaging your cabinets if you don’t want to.