The 13 Best Places to Shop for Bakeware — From Budget to High-End

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Whole cherry pie tart fresh out of the oven on cooling rack.
Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani | Food Stylist: Jessie YuChen

The secret to finding hard-working bakeware that will last is knowing where to look. Many common baking tools such as sheet pans and casserole dishes look extremely similar to one another and are often made from the same materials, so without being able to test things firsthand, it’s hard to know which ones are quality and which, frankly, aren’t. Even price isn’t always an indicator, as some budget-friendly items perform just as well as fancy ones.

However, we have a go-to list of bakeware sources that you can trust to find reliable tools that will never let you down and will always be worth your money. Our editors prefer these retailers and manufacturers for their bakeware needs, and they’re confident that your kitchen will be served well by them, too. From boutique brands such as Great Jones and Caraway to longstanding stores such as Williams Sonoma and Macy’s, these are the very best places to shop for bakeware.

Our Place

While Our Place is best known for their multifunctional nonstick pots and pans, their baking tools are just as modern, useful, and thoughtful. This sheet pan has high sides to contain juices and let you roast heaping helpings of proteins or produce, and their Ovenware Set includes this pan as well as three stoneware baking dishes that are perfect for breads, desserts, casseroles, and cheesy side dishes.

Great Jones

Our editors found this baking sheet to be the best performer on the market, which isn’t a surprise considering the attention to detail that Great Jones applies to all of their bakeware. Their sheet pans have internal steel rods that prevent them from warping, and their loaf pans are designed to release baked goods super easily. Plus, as with their stoneware dishes, everything from Great Jones looks chic enough to double as serveware.


Caraway quickly developed a loyal fanbase with their cute, nonstick, and multipurpose pans — and their bakeware is just as deserving of high praise. When Staff Writer, Patty, tested Caraway’s 11-piece bakeware set, she called it “just the investment your kitchen needs.” The Complete Set includes tools for any and all baking tasks, while their Half Bakeware Set sets you up with the essentials: two sheet trays, a rectangular dish, and a muffin tray. Their Circle Pans are ideal for making cinnamon rolls, quiches, and picture-perfect layer cakes.


If you strive to only shop for things when they’re on sale, Zwilling is a smart retailer to keep in mind. Their cookware and bakeware brand Staub always has a sale going on, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the chic and multifunctional pieces you can find there. From gorgeous baking dishes and casseroles to Dutch ovens and cocottes in a range of seasonal colors, shapes, and themes, Staub has the bakeware of your modern farmhouse dreams.


If you already have an idea of the brands you want to shop or the exact products you need, Amazon is a great place to go because they often have the lowest price. We also like shopping for bakeware on Amazon because their robust reviews give you a ton of useful info from real people on how products perform, and Amazon also tends to focus on carrying only bestsellers, so you’re instantly presented with great options that have already been vetted to an extent. This set of Nordic Ware sheet trays, which won a spot on our Best Baking Sheets List, is one of the many brilliant finds you’ll discover here.


Finding a product you love from OXO is so easy because they take the time to make sure their gear performs well and lasts through repeated use. If you want durable bakeware that’s priced fairly — not cheap, but not expensive — then OXO will suit you well. They have you covered with all the basics (square, round, and rectangular cake pans; glass baking dishes; sheet pans and loaf pans) as well as innovative products such as this insulated carrying bag that keeps your culinary creations safe and temperature-controlled.

Sur La Table

You’ll never miss out on the latest baking tools or seasonal releases from name brands such as Le Creuset if you keep an eye on Sur La Table. This is also the shop to go to for baking tools that let you experiment with fun shapes and designs, such as fox- and owl-shaped hand pies, and high-end tools such as fish bakers and decorative cocottes. This cast iron bread oven is one of the many Sur La Table finds that will elevate your bakeware collection and help you do more in your kitchen.

King Arthur Baking Company

It only makes sense that a company that makes top-of-the line baking ingredients — flours, spices, sugars, etc. — would also make professional-quality baking equipment. They have all the tools that make baking easy and convenient, from wooden rolling pins and oven mitts to measuring scoops, cookie cutters, and work mats. King Arthur is also a great place to find time-saving bakeware that you might not see elsewhere, such as these pre-cut parchment sheets (they come in packs of 50 or 100 and are a total game-changer).


All-Clad applies the same care and ingenuity to all of their bakeware pieces as they do to their fan-favorite cookware. Whether you’re in the market for roasting sheets; cooling racks; or loaf, cake, or specialty pans, you’ll find excellent options that will stand the test of time at All-Clad. You can even choose from All-Clad’s proprietary D3 and Pro-Release collections if you need bakeware that’s extra durable — although their nonstick and stainless steel options are certainly built to last, too.

Made In

Made In is known for identifying their niche specialty areas and focusing on perfecting those cooking tools. That’s what they did with their frying pans and knives, and it’s also their approach to bakeware. Their porcelain (and naturally nonstick) baking dishes come in a range of standard shapes and sizes, as well as the hard-to-find slab design for making specialty pies, sheet cakes, and focaccia. Plus, because their products are so chic, you’ll be excited to use them for cooking and serving.

Williams Sonoma

When it’s time to upgrade your bakeware setup with tools of the highest quality that will last for many, many years, it’s time to shop at Williams Sonoma. They have you covered with essentials such as sheet trays, cake pans, casserole dishes, and, of course, gorgeous pie pans. But we really like this retailer for their wide selection of specialty gear, as well as appliances and digital scales that take your baked goods to the next level. You can also browse their bakeware section by material (glass, stainless steel, nonstick, etc.) so you can easily find items that meet your needs.


Macy’s is the place to go to snag amazing deals on name brands. They always have a large selection of Pyrex bakeware, measuring tools, and storage containers, and with Macy’s frequent sales, you can usually pay less than full price. Their selection of bakeware sets is unmatched, so whether you’re looking to replace some of your own kitchen gear or you’re shopping for a housewarming present for a fellow baker, we recommend checking out Macy’s.


In addition to sheet trays and baking dishes, Food52 has both the essential and niche baking tools that let you tackle any recipe. From measuring cups and mixing bowls, to silicone mats and cookie scoops (a necessity for foolproof cookies), you’ll find everything to stock your kitchen at Food52. They carefully curate their collection, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and know that it’s going to have pro-level quality.