Where to Buy a Drink in Antarctica

(Image credit: Hunter R. Slaton)

Where do you find a drink in Antarctica? Turns out there are three bars on “the Ice” — as the scientists and contractors who work at one of the bases in Antarctica call it.

But only one was worth drinking at, says one writer, in a tale of life, love, and drinking in the coldest region.

This is a great short essay by Hunter Slaton on the very weird yet very real culture in the cold, isolated bases of Antarctica.

“There weren’t any professional bartenders on the Ice. (Or, should I say, there weren’t any bartenders who were hired specifically to tend bar on the Ice; there were quite a few bartenders there on sabbatical.) Rather, it was all done on an ad hoc basis—you got a nominal wage, and you got tips, but it was essentially picking up an extra part-time job for a few hours a week outside of your full-time, sixty-hour-a-week gig. (On the Ice you only got one day off: Sunday.)”

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