Where Do You Eat Lunch at Home?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lunch in the office, for me, almost always means sitting at the desk. But when working from home, lunch takes on all of these new possibilities:

  • At the counter: This sometimes happens when dining alone without a lot of time. At the cutting board, standing up, practically as we get the meal prepared!
  • At the desk: Probably a carryover from office lunchtimes.
  • At the table: Whether in the kitchen or dining room, lunch at the table feels slower and more indulgent.
  • On the floor! I love sitting on the floor at the coffee table, and often end up there with a simple lunch.
  • Out of doors: It takes a particularly nice day to end up sitting outside to eat lunch. Maybe I’d do it more frequently if I had a place this nice to partake.

Where do you eat lunch when you find yourself at home for the midday meal?

(Image: Flickr member Lenny Montana, licensed for use under Creative Commons)