Where Can I Find Good Recipes for Haitian Food?

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Q: Can we get some info on Haitian food? I’d love a recipe or two — I can just imagine the food has some really interesting influences with roots in Africa and France as well as the Caribbean.

It just seems like another way to feel at one with the Haitian people in their time of need.

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Editor: Fiona, thanks for the great question. This is indeed a great time to take a look at Haitian recipes and cuisine. We are not familiar at all with the cooking of Haiti, however, so we hope that some of our Haitian-American readers can give us their thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a few websites we found as we were looking for Haitian recipes:

Haiti Food Recipes
Food and Recipes of Haiti at Earthy Family
Tigeorge’s Chicken – A restaurant in Los Angeles. Their menu can give you a good sense of Haitian cuisine.

The recipes on these sites reminded us of our time in Kenya, and some of the classic foods eaten by subsistence farmers in warm climates of the world. Rice, beans, plantains, and vegetables — they all figure large, with a relatively small amount of meat since it is much more expensive.

Also check out this post on The Kitchn:

This is another good idea for a fundraiser, too! Why not hold a Haitian dinner? Research and recreate a few signature Haitian dishes, and ask people to pay $25 for dinner. You could buy the ingredients for substantially less than that, and then send all the money to a medical organization or UNICEF.

Do you have suggestions for any good Haitian recipes or recipe resources?

(Image: Tigeorge’s Chicken)