Where Can I Find a Griddle Without a Grease Drip Hole?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I am searching for a griddle that does not have a grease drip hole. One that can do hamburgers, waffles, pancakes, paninis, bacon, and fried eggs, but that will also allow for the cooking of scrambled eggs.

I have a Presto right now, but the grease drip hole makes it impossible for me to do a large batch of scrambled eggs after I’ve done my regular eggs. The scrambled eggs just flow right out of the hole unless I do a very small amount of them.

Cuisinart has a model that does all but the scrambled eggs. If only there was a way to plug up the hole so that it could be adapted for scrambled eggs!

Sent by Anne

Editor: Readers, do you know of any griddles that don’t have a grease drip hole?