When It’s OK To Get Rid of Kitchen Tools

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all have well-loved, chipped-up, and slightly shabby tools in our kitchens — tools that aren’t in this season’s latest color or made of the highest quality materials. These tools are often the ones we love the most — the old wooden spoon, the bowl with a hairline crack that still holds fruit and looks beautiful. But there are times when it is right and good to let a tool go. When is that, for you? Here’s one tool I’m about to send off to a new home… 

I would argue that a tool should find a new home when it hinders you from cooking more than it helps. This glass measuring cup has lived with me in at least five kitchens, and it’s done its fair share of work. But while measuring some milk last week I sort of woke up to the fact that nearly every measurement marking has rubbed off this cup, and it’s not exactly helping my precision. The chances of mis-measuring (which is extra bad when developing recipes!) are pretty big at this point. 

I will send this little guy off to the thrift store, in all likelihood, instead of recycling it. I’ll be sad to see it go, but there are times when it really is best to let go of tools that aren’t doing their job. 

Do you have a clear line for getting rid of a tool? Is there anything you’ve held on to for too long? 

(Image: Faith Durand)