When a Package of Still Warm Tortillas Is Plenty and Enough

When a Package of Still Warm Tortillas Is Plenty and Enough

Dana Velden
Feb 24, 2013

The other day my landlady knocked on my back door to deliver a brown paper package (yes, tied up in string!) full of handmade corn tortillas from a favorite tacqueria up in Sonoma County. The tortillas had been wrapped up while they were hot off the griddle and the package still had a little warmth left in it even though it had sat for over an hour in the car back to our home in Oakland. It rested in my hands with a weight that felt very reassuring, as if the tortillas were still somehow connected to the corn in the fields and the warm hands of their maker. Good solid basic food. My favorite kind, and a strong reminder that there is almost always enough.

Enough of what, you may ask. Well, enough tortillas to inspire thoughts of dishes as rich and involved and deep as a mole, or as simple as a taco stuffed with grilled fish, cabbage, and chili-spike crema. Enough to eat a few on my own right then and there, slathered with avocado, lime and salt and enough to stash a few in the freezer for later and enough to offer a few to a friend who stopped by to say hello.

Because they were a gift, the tortillas were enough to make me feel connected to the people I live with and reminded that I'm very lucky to have a landlady who delivers fresh, still warm tortillas to my back door. Enough to consider the story of the tortillas all the way back to their maker in a Sonoma tacqueria, all the way back to the corn fields, and back even further into history and tradition.

And finally, the dead simple fact that there is, for today at least, enough to eat and enough extra energy to dream up such romantic thoughts about something as simple as a pile of corn tortillas. Enough to help me to laugh at myself and call up some friends to invite them to dinner and enough to then pour myself a beer and head into the kitchen to get cracking on that mole.

* * * * * * * * *

It's very important to notice when there's enough. We often have a habit of scarcity, even in times of incredible abundance and wealth. We forget that there's often enough, more than enough, to meet our needs, and to be happy, and to find appreciation, and to give some away. May this be so for you today and every day.

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(Images: Dana Velden)

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