When 3/16 of an Inch Matters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we moved into our house, we noted the 30″ range and ventilation hood sitting inside of what appeared to be a 36″ opening in the cabinetry. We simply turned a blind eye to the gaps on either side of the range, figuring we would someday replace the 30″ range with a 36″. Turns out that is much easier said than done:

When we finally got serious about purchasing a new appliance, we measured the opening in the cabinetry to see exactly what we were working with. It turns out that our so-called-36″-opening is actually 35 9/16″. After much searching, we were able to locate 35 3/4″ appliances (range and hood), but that still leaves us 3/16″ shy of a fit! Which leaves us throwing a fit. So we’re now weighing our options:

  • Keep the 30″ range and deal with the gaps.
  • Somehow plane down the existing cabinetry on either side of the opening to eek out an extra 3/16″ (which is likely close to impossible).
  • Go with new cabinets that allow us to fit 36″ appliances. Ouch, this sounds pricey.

What would you do? Have you ever been stuck with an odd-sized opening for an appliance? How did you deal?

By the way, that image up top is simply a beautiful kitchen. It’s not ours, nor is ours remotely close to this nice. We’re just eyeing that free-standing range and wondering if we can (or wishing we could?) pull that off with a 30″ range in our unfortunately-sized opening.