What Was Your Worst Holiday Kitchen Disaster?

What Was Your Worst Holiday Kitchen Disaster?

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 1, 2010

The year was 1995. It was my first year being married and my husband and I were spending it alone in Minnesota without any relatives or the normal family traditions to comfort us. I had planned dinner to be a combination of the best of both of our family favorites until the dog jumped up, knocking my elbow, sending the casserole across the room and eventually taking out a house plant and a freshly baked pie. I thought the world had ended.

I won't lie... there were tears. The dog was scared after a scolding, but then rejoiced in the new found buffet on the floor. My husband and I were sad briefly, but after analyzing the situation, we realized that no one else could have pulled off such a stunning act of ridiculousness.

So there we sat, on the kitchen floor while the dog ate the gravy and meaty bits out of the casserole that was oozing down the door and onto the floor. We laughed and told stories of years gone by and other family disasters and silly tales. We ate pie partially covered in casserole and although we scraped off the icky bits, and I've made better pies since, to date, it was one of the greatest meals we've ever eaten.

Although we didn't have our family or any meal that resembled a true holiday feast there's something oddly beautiful about food flying through the air in slow motion. Not many can say they've spent Christmas with their loved one, eating off the floor watching the dog try to get gravy out of her whiskers and we're glad we made the most of it.

Do you have a terrifying meal disaster that stayed sour or turned out to be ok in the end? Share your story in the comments below!

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