What’s Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week I went to Costco for the first time ever to shop for my brother’s wedding reception. Now, I haven’t had reason to shop at Costco previously — there are just two of us in my household. My usual shopping habits include picking up meat, fruit, and vegetables for a week at a time, and avoiding processed snacks as much as possible. I’m not snobby about it — I know I am super lucky to have time to cook vegetables for the week and not rely too much on processed foods.

But, you guys. I saw this huge box of grapefruit segments in little individual cups at Costco, and something came over me. I grabbed it with glee. I love grapefruit and often cut it up for breakfast, but in that moment there was just something totally irresistible about all that grapefruit, so easy to eat! I felt momentarily guilty — all those plastic cups! — but got over it promptly and stacked up my treat in the refrigerator.

And honestly, as a splurge, I still don’t feel bad about it. It’s a great healthy snack when I need to grab something quickly. But it was indeed a splurge, and my husband laughed long and hard when I showed him one dozen cups of grapefruit lined up proudly in the fridge.

Can you relate? Are there little conveniences or splurges you allow yourself at the grocery store?

(Image: Faith Durand)