What's Your "Pumpkin Soup" Style?

What's Your "Pumpkin Soup" Style?

Emily Han
Oct 6, 2010

Are you the type of person who analyzes every step of a recipe before you start cooking, or do you feel your way through the process? A friend recently sent us a lighthearted look at different personality types in the kitchen (based on Myers-Briggs) and we thought it would be fun to share. What kind of pumpkin soup cook are you?

In the Pumpkin Soup exercise, there are four different personality types: Sensing, Intuitive, Thinking, Feeling.

Here's how a Sensing cook might start cooking pumpkin soup:

1. Lay out necessary equipment: heavy pan, knife, caliper, thermometer, spirit level, tablespoons, and measuring cups.
2. Check ingredients. Consult cookbook or call a friend to find our how much nutmeg is in a dash, and how much salt and pepper should go into a batch of pumpkin soup.
3. Chop mushroom and onions. (Caliper will be helpful here. 3/16th inch thickness recommended.)...

While the process for an Intuitive cook might look something like this:

There is a lot of possibility for creativity in this soup. A good, rich pumpkin soup offers potential for synchronous cooking. Open your refrigerator. Let your imagination roam, water chestnuts, olives, a dab of mustard, and pieces of chicken, whatever catches your imagination...

Read the rest: Pumpkin Soup (click View Handout)

Do you see yourself in any of these? It's interesting to think about how not only our personal styles but also the particular cookbooks and cooking shows we enjoy (and don't enjoy!) might fall into these different categories.

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(Image: Dana Velden)

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