What’s Your Least Favorite Food Writing Cliché?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My guess is if you’re here reading this right now, you read about food at least a few times a week. Maybe you read food blogs or websites, maybe you like reading essays or novels that touch on entertaining and enjoying meals together. Maybe, like me, you read cookbooks before bed. So in all of this, there are bound to be words and phrases that start to get under your skin.

A recent article in Grub Street discussed phrases and words used to describe food that are simply overused, overwrought or just plain annoying. Whether tired or simply inappropriate, they have an alphabetical list of words that they are calling the “official list of verboten words and phrases.” See if one of your least favorites is on the list.

A few of my least favorite words that made the list: approachable, delectable, mouthfeel and luscious.

What about you: what’s your least favorite food descriptor?


(Image: Megan Gordon)