What’s Your Idea of a Great Lunch?

published Sep 16, 2013
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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

We’re talking lunch this week at The Kitchn, sharing our best tips and ideas for quick and healthy lunches that will see you through the day. What does that mean, for you? Do you have to eat a substantial lunch to keep your energy up? Or do you just snack throughout the afternoon? Are you a salad-maker? A sandwich-assembler? What’s your idea of the perfect lunch? Me, I have a confession to make. I am the laziest of lazy lunch-eaters.

The problem is that once I get going on work, I hunch over and plow straight through. Lunch sounds like an unwelcome distraction, a needless interruption of the day. So I forge ahead, right through lunchtime, until suddenly I am so hungry I reach for whatever is nearest and easiest — like a cookie, or a piece of toast — something that is easy to eat but not terribly filling.

When I am on my lunch game, I try to preempt this and cater to my lunch laziness by making things that are easy to eat one-handed at my desk — fried rice with lots of vegetables, for instance, or a pita stuffed with chopped kale. I don’t want anything crunchy, messy, or involved. If there are vegetables, they are usually cooked, or cut up very small. Salads are chopped, no knife needed. There’s no last-minute prep needed, even though I work at home, two steps from my kitchen. A great lunch for a lazy lunch-eater has to be easy.

Can you relate? Or do you relish your lunch break as a welcome hour away from toil? What are your best tips and tricks for making sure you bring (and eat) your lunch?

(Image: Faith Durand)