What’s Your Go-To Cracker to Have on Hand?

updated May 2, 2019
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We recently had a casual discussion with friends about the best house cracker—you know, the one you always buy for the cheese plate, always have around to snack on, etc. One person argued vehemently for Carr’s water crackers (or their cheaper Whole Foods equivalent). Another said Wheat Thins. Two people wanted those stone wheat crackers that come in the light blue box…

We are pretty big fans of the water cracker. We like how crispy it is, and the flavor is delicate enough not to compete with cheese or tuna salad or whatever else we’re ferrying to our mouth (we actually like they way they taste alone, too). And they’re a good size—generous but not too much for one bite.

We also love humble saltines. Spread with a little butter? Delicious. We’re firmly, firmly against Triscuits.

Faith has mentioned Ak-Mak crackers, which are a bit more exotic and hearty, and we’re sure you all have your favorites.

What do you stock up on for snacks or cheese plates? Any interesting crackers out there that we’re missing? Maybe you make your own?

(Images: Fresh Direct)