What’s Your Favorite Warm-Weather Breakfast?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re not ones for elaborate breakfasts (which is why we’ve devoted quite a bit of space to grab-and-go recipes and things you can make ahead of time). This is even more true when the weather turns warm. We’re not interested in oatmeal or even cooking a quick egg. But is cold cereal or yogurt the only cool alternative? What do you eat?

With berries being in season, yogurt with fruit is an easy option. And we do love cereal—simple ones like shredded wheat or more complicated granolas.

Cereal… yogurt… fruit… What else is there? Well, on a Monday morning, we’ll frequently find ourselves nibbling on whatever’s left over from a weekend barbecue (cold potato salad, especially if it has bacon in it, is a favorite). We think these popsicles make a good breakfast.

But things that require us to turn on the stove or oven—even toast—just doesn’t sound good. What do you eat when it gets warm and muggy outside? Do you switch your routine? Any interesting ideas we might not have thought of?

(Image: Flickr member Special*Dark, licensed for use under Creative Commons)