What’s Your Favorite Special Occasion Dish?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When you’re celebrating a holiday or some good news, what is your favorite dish to make? You know, that special thing that you only cook once in a while. Do you use a regular standby, or do you use the occasion to try a new recipe? Do you go all out, or do you stay within a budget? Do you cook something fancier, or something more humble and comforting? Tell us – we’d like to know!

My special occasion dish is either Julia Child’s beef bourguignon, a plate of local cheeses with jams, honey, pickles, and champagne, or a nice seafood spread of steamed crab with fresh oysters.

(Images: Elizabeth Passarella, Sara-Kate Gillingham Ryan, Dieter Wiechmann, Beef Checkoff Culinary Center, Faith Durand)