What’s Your Favorite Non-Essential Liquor?

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We’ve talked about stocking your liquor cabinet with summer essentials, and other cocktail basics. Now we’re curious about the extra sorts of liquor you like to keep around. Besides the big basics of rum, whiskey, vodka, and gin, as well as the standard bar accessories of vermouth and bitters, what non-essential yet delicious liquors do you like to keep around? Read on for a few of ours.

We favor most of these because they make refreshing, easy drinks when splashed into a tall cold glass of soda. Low-calorie and inexpensive, too…

Campari – That classic bright orange bitter liqueur. We love it with soda and a bit of simple syrup to balance it out.

St. Germain – We’ve spotlighted this sweet, fragrant liqueur quite a bit. It’s made from flowers and it’s perfect with soda and a bit of lemon — what more do you need to know?

Pama Pomegranate – This is our most recent acquisition; we have been enjoying it quite a lot with soda or mixed into Prosecco. Look for a more in-depth post on this tasty liquor soon.

Lillet – Lillet is actually a fortified wine, like vermouth, so it’s not quite like the others in this list. We’ve been sipping it straight over ice, with a twist of orange, as it is classically served. It’s sweet and strong with just a hint of bitterness at the edges.

Fernet Branca – This is quite a bottle; Fernet Branca is like something between cough drops and the bitterest bitters you can think of. We don’t drink this one straight up or with soda, but it has a wonderful tonic effect in some summer cocktails. We’re planning on bringing you a favorite recipe soon.

(Images: Nora Maynard; St. Germain)


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