What’s Your Favorite No-Heat Meal?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been gathering inspiration for heat-free suppers from a recent slideshow at Bon Appétit. They have a week of no-cook, no heat dinners, and we have our eye on a couple of the recipes. But we’re also curious: When you want to really shut off the heat in the kitchen, what do you cook?

Bon Appétit’s meal suggestions depend somewhat on leftovers, like cold roasted chicken and smoked meats. But if you have a few tidbits like those around, then you can put together some great meals without turning on the oven or burners at all.

• See the whole slideshow: No-Cook Dinners at Bon Appétit

What are your favorite no-cook, no-heat meals? We love shredded cabbage salads, plates of chopped vegetables with olive oil, and hummus and pita with, perhaps, a side of smoked salmon or cold sausage. What about you?

(Images: Misha Gravenor/Bon Appétit)