What’s Your Favorite Midnight Snack?

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

It’s midnight, and you’re still awake for whatever reason. Maybe you just can’t sleep, maybe you can’t put a certain book down, or maybe you’re just a night owl. Your stomach starts to grumble a little bit and you look towards the fridge and the pantry. What are you going to do about it?

Midnight snacks are secret pleasures in and of themselves. It’s not a part of that whole “three square meals a day” mentality, and it’s probably not something your nutritionist would say is a good idea. It’s often a snack that you enjoy all by yourself — unless you’re drunk, and then the collective answer is always pizza.


This month we’ve been asking writers (both dead and alive) about their favorite midnight snacks. It’s been so fun to see some of the bizarre and creative ways these writers fuel their late-night writing sessions. Walt Whitman‘s favorite midnight snack? Cake! The rich kind, of course.

Now we want to turn the question back to our readers. What do you reach for when you need something to eat around midnight? What keeps you satisfied and happy? Let us know in the comments! You could be featured in an upcoming post on Kitchn.