What’s Your Favorite Discontinued Food Product?

published Mar 24, 2009
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Have you ever had a favorite brand or food product get discontinued? The recent death (and comeback) of Mother’s Circus Animal cookies had cookie-lovers in a slump. I personally am still mourning this tea, pictured above, a short-lived herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings that I drank when I was very small.

Pelican Punch was actually marketed towards kids. I remember it tasting like chamomile and mint, but my mother says it had carob in it too. I remember drinking it with plenty of honey and milk, sipping it from a spoon to let it cool.

It was discontinued early in the 80s, and I haven’t seen it since. If anyone knows how to recreate it, please do tell.

Which brings me to the next question: when you have a favorite food product or ingredient that’s discontinued, what do you do? Hoard as much as you can? Track down ingredients and reverse-engineer the recipe? Mourn it? Immediately find a replacement?

Oh, and by the way, some companies will recommend replacements; you can see Celestial Seasonings’ replacement list for discontinued teas here:

Discontinued Products at Celestial Seasonings

Nothing quite measures up, though, sadly.

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(Image: Courtesy of Celestial Seasonings)

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