What’s Your Favorite Apple Variety?

published Sep 22, 2011
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Whether you’re a fan of baking with apples, cooking with apples, juicing, or just plain eating apples: you probably lean one way or another when making a decision regarding which variety to buy.

Maybe you like the tart crispness of a Granny Smith apple or the stunning beauty of the less common Pink Pearl . We thought we’d make it easy on you this fall and break down the best apple varieties for baking, juicing, or eating. Consider this a quick primer as so many people like to blend different varieties to create that perfect apple flavor. So dive right in and experiment. Let us know what you discover.

Best Apples for Baking:
• Cortland: firm and flavorful
• Baldwin: red, extra-firm apple
• Granny Smith: tart and crisp
• Honeycrisp: extra juicy and sweet
• Gravenstein: tart, hard, and beautiful in early fall desserts

Best Apples for Eating:
• Honeycrisp: extra juicy and sweet. The perfect snacking apple.
• Granny Smith: tart and crisp; we love them with peanut butter!
• Fuji: large, dense, and sweet.

Best Apples for Juicing:
• Gala: sweet and aromatic
• Red Delicious: Rich red color, firm, thicker skin
• Rome: firm flesh, medium-sweetness

Chances are you have regional apples or favorites that didn’t make our list. Please do share as we all gear up for fall baking, juicing, and plain ol’ apple eating!