What’s Your Biscuit Philosophy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Writer Sam Sifton made a bold proclamation this week: You are making your biscuits wrong. My ears perked up. I make darn fine biscuits.

In his article for The New York Times Magazine, Sifton states simply: Biscuits are easy to make. And yet, there’s so much debate over them — so many ways people prefer and insist that they must be made a very particular way. There are the only lard and only butter camps along with the staunchly buttermilk crowd. Sifton identifies different flours folks use, ranging from the Southern favorite White Lily to a simple cake flour. Then there are theories about how long biscuits should be left to rise, exactly how long they should be handled, what kind of rolling pin is best. Where to start, where to start?

When it all comes down to it, Sifton discusses how biscuits really should be simple. They’re what so many of us know and what we grew up with. So what’s your biscuit philosophy? Do you think the type of flour matters? Are you religious about a certain kind of fat or amount of time left to rise?

(Image: Megan Gordon)