Why Is My Homemade Yogurt Slimy?

published Nov 17, 2014
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Q: I use a Euro Cuisine yogurt maker. I make nearly perfect yogurt every time, but twice now, it has turned out slimy — Elmer’s glue consistency. I make two-quart batches and I use a new culture with every batch. Maybe it picked up an infection?

The first time, I forgot about it and it reached 200 degrees, so I chalked it up to a too-high temperature. This time, though, I did all the same steps (and I make yogurt weekly). I read someone else’s post on your site that suggested it was caused by a lower-fat milk. And it turns out that I did use 1% for one batch, though I usually use 2% or whole milk and also always add about two cups of half-and-half.

Sent by Sonia

Editor: Hmm. If you’re using a new culture every time, I don’t think it’s an infection. I’m a little stumped!

Readers, any ideas about what’s going on here?