What’s The Strangest Ice Cream You’ve Ever Eaten?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I lived in Eastern Europe, I encountered many inexplicable foodstuffs — dishes I was served in restaurants and people’s homes that I could not identify but felt compelled to swallow as the guest in the room. I am most afraid of unidentified meat products. But one evening I tried to decline and was nevertheless presented with a bowl of light brown ice cream by an insistent host that I didn’t dare refuse…

This was the Czech Republic, and based on the meals I had seen, I guessed it was pork. My Czech not yet functioning, I asked for a translation. “Oh, that is very difficult,” said the host. I decided it was peanut butter, and left it at that.

Since then, I have kept an eye out for the exotic, odd or gimmicky ice cream flavor — often so blurred with sugar and cream as to be unrecognizable, always trying a little too hard. There’s foie gras ice cream from France. Soy sauce or charcoal (pictured) ice cream from Japan. Beer-flavored ice cream from Newcastle. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, check out this list of 101 scary ice cream flavors from around the world, including ox tail, chicken wing, cactus, raw horseflesh and pit viper.

But enough of that. In the spirit of ice cream month, tell us: What’s the strangest ice cream you’ve ever eaten?