What’s the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned About Cooking for a Diabetic?

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When we put out a call for your most-requested topics for Reader Request Week, there was one thing that bubbled to the top over and over again: Low-sugar and diabetic-friendly cooking. But we realized that many of you reading the site probably have more practical experience than we do in cooking for diabetics. What have been the most important things you’ve learned about cooking low-sugar foods? 

This topic is certainly one on a lot of people’s minds. We get requests for low-sugar cooking all the time, including these: “I was recently asked to make Roll Out Brownie Cookies in a sugar free version. But I have absolutely no idea on how to go about that,” said adk-slukthorpe‘s request was short and sweet: “Low-sugar or sugar-free desserts, and cooking for diabetics.” 

Low-sugar cooking is a tough topic for us, and one that requires a little more care, since sugar is tricky — it lurks in unexpected foods — and diabetes is a serious condition that benefits from expert help in nutrition and meal planning. We’re planning some interviews and guides, with help from experienced nutritionists, over the next several months. 

But first, we wanted to open it up to you and your practical experience. Are you diabetic? Do you cook for someone who is? What have been the most important parts of cooking healthy, nourishing food for someone watching their sugar intake? 

This post was requested by adk-slu and kthorpe for Reader Request Week 2013!

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