What’s the Difference Between a Glutton and a Gourmet?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An article in The Atlantic accuses gourmets of ignoring the moral implications of their food and says food writers are complicit in this indulgence.

While we disagree with the premise, we highly recommend putting the article (or at least this summary from The Informed Reader) on your weekend reading list.

Will eating well send us down a moral slippery slope, glossed with gravy? We find the opposite is usually true: the more interested people become in food, the more likely they are to become conscientious cooks, wondering about how their chops were raised and how their lobsters were caught and boiled.

Do we really need to worry about comitting one of the Seven Deadly Sins here?

B.R. Meyers attacks Julie Powell (“a prime example of food writers’ hostility to the very language of moral values”) and Michael Pollan. Powell responded on her blog.