What's the Deal with This Toast Shaped Like a Panda?

What's the Deal with This Toast Shaped Like a Panda?

Ariel Knutson
Sep 10, 2014
(Image credit: jbox)

The last couple weeks I've been seeing this strange piece of toast shaped like a panda circulating the internet. First it was on a few funny sites, than Food & Wine picked it up, and now it's exploded on Pinterest. So, what's the deal? Why did someone create a gadget that makes your toast look too adorable to eat? Do you really think you could slather butter on this thing and gobble it up?

(Image credit: jbox )

This toast shaper is made in Japan (of course) and is sold online by retailer JBOX. It's easy to use: you simply put the device on top of your bread and press down lightly. Then you maneuver the crust so your creepy panda head can sit upright.

My big problem with this device is that if you like your toast on the crispy side, wouldn't it be hard to fold the the crust? It might work with something super lightly toasted where the crust is still flimsy, but definitely not for crispier toast.

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

What do you think? Would you use this for your kids? For yourself? I can just imagine the crazy breakfast possibilities now.

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