What’s the Deal with Gory Halloween Food?

(Image credit: A Dash of Compassion )

If you’ve been on Pinterest recently to look up fun, Halloween snacks or treats for some party inspiration, you’ve probably noticed the gory, on-theme ideas. I’m talking about hot dogs made to look like severed fingers and mashed potatoes that look like burnt hands. While these things are definitely creative, is this something you’d actually want to eat?

There are obviously less severe Halloween-themed treats that are still celebratory, like Anjali’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Graveyard Dirt Cake or even DIY Candy Corn. The hot dogs and mashed potatoes might still be edible, but I wonder how good they’d actually taste compared to these two treats.

If you’ve made gory-lookin’ food for Halloween, what inspired you to do so, and what were people’s reaction to it?

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